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Features of Novacool UEF Foam

Novacool UEF Foam, a multi-purpose fire extinguishing foam, replaces aqueous film-forming foams (AFFF) and ozone-depleting halon gases, which release both toxic hydrofluoric acid and fluorocarbons into the environment during use. Novacool UEF provides an innovative, highly effective, and environmentally responsible alternative for fire fighting. It is effective at approximately one-seventh (1/7th) the concentration of conventional fire fighting chemicals. Novacool Foam's selective employment of rapidly biodegradable substances, which dramatically enhances the effectiveness of simple water, while eliminating the environmental and toxic impact of other tradition fire extinguishment agents. Because Novacool UEF is mixed with water at only 0.4 percent, an 87-93 percent reduction in product use is realized compared to conventional extinguishment agents typically used at 3-6%.

Application Ratio: 0.4% standard

Fire Class Application: Class A, Class B, Class D, pressurized and 3-D fires.

Approvals: UL tested and listed.

Novacool UEF Foam is the most effective firefighting foam agent manufactured today. The elimination of ALL aspect of the fire tetrahedron makes Novacool UEF Foam superior to all other foams. The OXYGEN, HEAT, FUEL and CHEMICAL REACTION (free radicals) are eliminated with Novacool UEF Foam.

 - Fired Fighting Medium
 - Cooling / Wetting Medium
 - Hazardous Spill Control Medium
 - Toxic Smoke Scrubber
 - Vapor Control Medium


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Novacool  UEF  FOAM

Available sizes

5 Gallon, 55 Gallon Drum and 265 Gallon Totes



 - Non-hazardous
 - Non-corrosive
 - Environmentally Friendly
 - Contains No PFOS or PFOA

 - Non-toxic
 - Biodegradable
 - Easy to Store and Transport
 - Cost Effective




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