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Muli-Purpose Foam

We are proud to announce the latest technology from the leading manufacturer of fire suppression foams since 1980: Baum’s Novacool UEF (Universal Extinguishing Foam). Novacool UEF Foam is a mixture of Anionic, Nonionic and Amphoteric surfactants. It does not contain any nonylphenolethoxylates (NPE’s), Flourosurfactants,or Glycol Ethers. Test data show it to be readily biodegradable..Novacool Foam passed all requirements for UL testing with flying colors and currently holds UL Certification NFPA 18, 2006 Edition Classification for A and B.


  • Novacool UEF Foam has been designed for modern day firefighting applications and equipment while it also addresses many 21st century problems related to the environment and the new complex combustible materials.


Novacool UEF Foam is:

Leaner, Meaner and Greener

• Uses concentrate of as little as 0.4%
• Biodegrades rapidly and is not bio-accumulative
• Fills voids and sticks to a vertical surface when applied as foam through a foaming nozzle or CAF system
• Contains no alcohols (will not cause AFFF to de-foam)
• Creates a good foam when mixed with all water types: fresh, brackish and sea water
• Greatly reduces or eliminates run-off due to the reduced amount of water required to extinguish the fire and the wetting properties that keep the water on and in the fuel
• Minimizes risk of fires re-igniting
• Coats class A fuels (even waxy vegetation) to increase moisture content and provides a barrier to an oncoming flame front



Novacool Foam Works


Eliminating The Fire Triangle (Tetrahedron)



Interruption of free radicals--Absorbing the energy

Reducing Heat--Cooling

Eliminating oxygen-- Foam blanket

Removal of fuel--Rending Class B fuels non Flammable












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